Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beaching it!

I am very much new to the world of blogging and it feels kind of strange typing these post because I feel like I am talking to myself...I think talking to yourself is ok as long as you don't answer yourself back...right?!?! Right! Anyway Just returned from the most beautiful beach vacation EVER!! In a few weeks I am taking my son on a fishing trip to Key West to celebrate graduating from High School! I am truly getting into my theme for next year...Fish/Ocean/Beach LOL.. theme...I am looking forward to loading pictures to my blog and all the ideas I have to go with it. I hope all these trips to the ocean will give me even more great ideas. I am currently working on a beach sign made from canes I gathered from the river banks near my house and I am making Jellyfish out of coke bottles..stay tuned for pictures of both! Only about four more weeks left until I return to work so I am trying to focus more on summer relaxing than work but it's hard not to think about school stuff...I get excited!! :)

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